On Saturday, April 22, 2023, history was made in Spatial with the Spatial 2084 DJ Invitational. Organized by the Meta Collective Group In partnership with HumAi and LuxeVR, the event was magnificent, and the heavyweight DJs: Pano.dj, DJ Marcusj, and JediDvJ electrified the audience with their artistry. The pinnacle of the event was the presentation of the coveted Meta Collective Group DJ Invitational NFT Award to Disco Jesus, delivered by Metatechvr and JediDvJ, a trophy designed and crafted by LuxeVR. 

The trophy is not just a mere award piece; it’s a work of art, a symbolic statement piece that captures the essence of the event and denotes the winning DJs’ exceptional artistry.  This one-of-a-kind trophy is a stunning masterpiece, globally recognizable, and offers extra value to the winners. Here’s the icing on the cake; the trophy is an NFT! also known as the “mother of all DJ NFTs.” LuxeVR infused precision and creativity into the design of the trophy, the outcome was stunning, and unforgettable.