Embarking on a journey to the Forgotten Village on Spatial was a memorable experience. As I explored the abandoned village in my LuxeVR custom-made necklace and avatar, I was immediately struck by the eerie and otherworldly atmosphere of the village. The infestation of zjawa creatures added an extra layer of mystique to the experience. Despite the eeriness of the creatures, I confidently collected totems, defeated enemies, and even interacted with a few of the remaining villagers to learn more about the village’s culture and history.

As I explored the Forgotten Village, I couldn’t help but notice how my avatar uniquely stood out amongst all the other visiting avatars who joined the quest. With my shimmering LuxeVR custom-made necklace on, I was able to shine and go on the adventure in style. It was an amazing feeling to know that I was representing the best of LuxeVR while traveling through the different challenges and quests of the village.